‘Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is fuel in us which needs to be ignited’

Johann Gottfried Von Herder


What some of our guests and past
speakers have to say about our events

From the seamless organization to the friendly relaxed environment to the intelligence and compassion of the participants,  my speaking experience was ideal from first to last.   Look forward to coming back!”

Dr Janina FisherPCPSI Guest Speaker

I found the seminar excellent. David was a wonderful lecturer who held my attention for every minute. Through his sharing of himself and his experiences, I learned a great deal about therapy and, more importantly, about myself.

I am looking forward to attending the next seminar

Frank DorrSeminar Attendee

Everything about providing a training for PCPSI was wonderful! The staff could not have been more gracious and accommodating.  From the initial invitation and earliest planning stages to the actual event I was treated with such respect, enthusiasm, and kindness. The workshop venue was beautiful, the participants were so welcoming, bright, and eager to learn. The entire environment, created with loving care by Liam and his wonderful colleagues, made the two day training an absolute joy. It was an honor and privilege to present for PCPSI and I can’t wait to return!”

Lisa FerentzPCPSI Guest Speaker

David Wallin’s workshop in Cork was a much improved version from what I experienced in London some years ago. His structure and delivery made the principles of attachment theory accessible to a large and diverse group of people. He engaged the audience in lively debate, and welcomed their feedback and criticisms.

He took risks in sharing his own way of practicing and how his attachment history had a big input in his perception and responses in the therapeutic relationship. I particularly enjoyed his focus on how the therapist’s own attachment patterns shape therapy and I found his presentation on “what can’t be spoken will tend to be enacted” especially helpful.

Two days well spent in the company of an experienced and committed professional

Derry MohallySeminar Attendee

A really superb two days. Blimey I’m tired! Looking forward to processing and digesting over the coming days/months/years.. Dan Segel is some powerhouse. Allowing space for intense information sharing in such a professional way and I LOVED the space for humour so much as well as the movement! Many congratulations to all involved in such a successful event.

Roro VenablesSeminar Attendee

The most powerful 2 day training I have done – and expertly organised.

Zanto Ni Mhuircheartaigh Seminar Attendee